Break in at Microsoft’s research office sees only iPads stolenAccording to a report in a Palo Alto newspaper, a break in took place at Microsoft’s office in Mountain View and the only things that were taken from the property were iPads. The Break in supposedly happened over the Christmas period at one of Microsoft’s research offices and the thief got away with two iPad 2 models, two iPad third generation models and one of the latest iPad 4th generation models. Apparently no Microsoft products were stolen in the burglary.

Police Sgt Sean Thompson said there are no suspects and no sign of forced entry. The iPads were taken from three offices in Microsoft Building 5 on the campus at 1075 La Avenida Street, according to Thompson, the theft was reported on Wednesday.

Thompson said, all employees have access to the building through their electronic key cards. The company told police it was closed for two days on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. Thompson said he assumes Microsoft has some sort of video surveillance and will be reviewing who entered and exited the building during the time frame of the theft. So far police do not have any suspect information.

Now before you to start to laugh, there could be a really simple explanation for all this. Maybe the offices didn't have any Microsoft Surface’s or Laptops lying around. Maybe the only things available in those particular offices were Apple’s products. Ok, it’s a long shot I agree, go on, laugh if you want!

Source: macgasm

Break in at Microsoft’s research office sees only iPads stolen