Oh the humanity. Here I am docking my iPhone, when suddenly this box appears in iTunes, beckoning me to install some new firmware update, just released. But can I install this update? No. And why? Because his Jobsness has seen fit to brick my iPhone should I install said update. GRRRRR!!!!!!

As salt for the wound, my iPhone is in only a "semi-unlocked" state, not fully unlocked...thanks to anySIM. I have to wait for iPhone Dev Team to roll out a reversal procedure to bring my kinda sorta unlocked iPhone back to factory spec. So, for those of you whom haven't violated your end user license agreements, feel free to download and enjoy the update goodness. Speaking of which I have nary a clue what this update contains until I visit the FAQ.

Dock your iPhone and download 1.1.1 now. While I sit here with my thumb up my....