Free at last, Free at last... praise god almighty, my bricked iPhone is free at last! Well, not quite... I haven't actully applied this method yet.

Here's the deal - Civil war has broken out among iPhone Dev Team, leaving the group broken into several splinter factions, each with its own banner and coat of arms. The disunited groups plan to settle their differences on World of Warcraft, in a blood orgy of axe wielding carnage. One faction, modestly named "iPhone Elite", has released a method for downgrading the all important baseband settings that turned anySIM unlocked iPhones into bricks upon updating to firmware 1.1.1. What makes this significant is that even downgrading from 1.1.1, back to 1.0.2 won't restore a bricked iPhone due to changes made by anySIM to the iPhone's baseband settings. This solution provides a way of undoing those changes, restoring baseband to its original state... resulting in unbricking.

And wouldn't you know... this release comes just as I am headed out the door to meet with a client. But rest assured my comatose bricked iPhone, affectionately known ever more as Frankenphone, will be brought back to life shortly. The Doctor is in.