Remember that post I wrote last week about my buddy Matt Miller returning his iPhone and going back to a Nokia Smartphone? Well the poor guy just couldn't let it go. He writes on his blog that just two hours ago he went back to AT&T and got another iPhone. This time it appears he plans on keeping the device long term.

the iPhone drew me back in hour-by-hour over the weekend and I just could no longer resist it so I just picked up a new iPhone at the Apple store a couple hours ago. Over the weekend I tried using a Nokia N95 tethered with a N800 and both are excellent devices in their own way and I actually found some new applications for the N95 that made me like it even more. However, the Apple iPhone is slick and so refreshing after using other Palm, embedded Linux, Windows Mobile, and Symbian devices over the last 10 years that I was pulled back to it.

Welcome back Matt. We saved you a glass of Kool-Aid.