Breeze for iPhone 5s

There's a new motion tracking app in town, and it's from the developers of the highly popular RunKeeper app and service. Breeze, by FitnessTracker, utilizes the M7 motion coprocessor in the iPhone 5s to monitor your movement and provide you with updates and motivation throughout the day. That M7 data is constantly and consistently being tracked by iOS anyway, so you can install Breeze now for free and have a week's worth of data right off the bat.

Breeze uses location and motion tracking to set up intelligent daily activity targets for you based off of your past activity and how you're hopefully improving. It will also send you notifications with updates of your progress towards your goal to help keep you motivated.

The interface for Breeze is active and fluid, full of little movements to cue you in on how things move. Plus it's colorful and easy to quickly digest and understand. There's also social integration so you can share your successes and activity profile onto Twitter, Facebook, and RunKeeper.

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