Brightcover HTML5

Brightcove is the latest in an increasingly long line of major video outlets now offering HTML5 video for playback, in this case in-browser HTML5 for the iPad (they already support QuickTime player video for the iPhone and iPod touch). They're going a step further, however, announcing that the Brightcove Online Video Platform is ready for HTML5 and the iPad as well.

Their platform will allow for automatic device detection, native HTML5 playback of H.264 video, and of course, specific mention that it's ready for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. That means the New York Times, Time Magazine, and other major media outlets who already use Brightcove to render and monetize interactive video are now open to Apple's mobile devices.

According to MacRumors]:

The new HTML5 support comes at no additional cost to existing Brightcove customers. A list of existing customers is available on Brightcove's website and includes a large number of magazine publishers, newspaper publishers and broadcasters. It seems HTML5 has to be purposefully implemented by the customer sites as not all the same features have been deployed to Brightcove's HTML5 implementation. However, the company has a roadmap to deploy all the same features over time.

So yeah, those bright blue lego blocks of Flash fail we saw on the New York Times site during the iPad introduction might just be a thing of the past. And as more and more sites offer HTML5 alternatives (and Adobe offers a way to compile Flash apps for iPhone), will the complaints shift from "no Flash on iPhone!", to "where's my HTML5 Hulu?"