A MacBook on a table with Facebook's Explore Feed pulled up

Today social media giant Facebook confirmed that it's fully rolling out its latest update: a new feed called the "Explore" feed. Previously only available on the mobile app, the feature has now officially found its way onto the desktop site as well. The Explore feed is a news feed separate from your usual one that allows you to discover new content based on your interests and friends that you may not have normally come across.

On desktop, you can navigate to the Explore feed by clicking on it in the left sidebar (where things like Events and Groups are located). If you're having trouble spotting it, its little icon is a red circle containing a tiny rocket ship. On the Facebook app, you can find it by clicking "More" in the main navigation menu.

The Explore feed isn't just a collection of trending Facebook posts. Instead, it's customized for you — it recommends content based on groups you're a part of, pages you've liked, events you've attended and what's currently popular among your particular group of friends. It's aimed to help you find more stuff you might like so you can keep your newsfeed fresh and interesting (and, as a result, stay logged onto the site longer). Whether you want to troll your feed for more content, peep Instagram stories or order food, you never have to close the app.

Thoughts? Questions?

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