The Brooklyn Tap House is now using a new point of sale system that incorporates both iPads and iPod touches. The Brooklyn Tap House has one of the most extensive ale choices of any establishment that I have seen and now they can all be accessed and ordered using an iPad or iPod touch.

The gastropub has installed a point-of-sale system from Albuquerque-based POSLavu that uses the Apple devices in place of a much more expensive traditional restaurant POS system. The main attraction for the POSLavu system, according to restauranteur and co-owner Hugo Salazar, was the price. Many restaurants use systems from Micros or Aloha that can sport price tags of US$20,000 or more; the bottom line for the devices and software at the Brooklyn Tap House was about $7,000.

With the new system in place, the order flow has become much smoother too. All orders are now taken wirelessly using the iPod touch and then printed automatically in the kitchen. Inventory can be easily monitored in real time and the owners can keep an eye on sales anywhere in the world. The Apple hardware is also a conversation starter at the bar and they also come in handy for settling arguments too.

Source: TUAW, Brooklyn Tap House