No sooner did Apple drop the iPhone SDK Non-Disclosure Agreement (fondly referred to as the [Redacted] NDA among aficionados, as it forbade developers discussing the topic even among themselves), then the floodgates of knowledge burst open. Cases in point:

According to TUAW, iPhone coder extraordinaire Erica Sadun's The iPhone Developer's Cookbook is already available in PDF form from informIT (along with code samples!):

If you’re getting started with iPhone programming, this book brings together tested, ready-to-use code for hundreds of the challenges you’re most likely to encounter. Use this fully documented, easy-to-customize code to get productive fast—and focus your time on the specifics of your application, not boilerplate tasks.

Meanwhile, Mike Clark writes in to let us know that Pragmatic Programmers is now offering a set of screencasts targeted specifically at iPhone developers:

There's also a free (no account required) 20-minute "Getting Started with Xcode and Interface Builder" screencast [where Bill Dudney] shows you how to build the simplest of iPhone apps (a Hello World app). More important, he shows you how it works---from the main functions triggering Nib files being loaded, to wiring up interface controls, and all the way through a button push running code that you write.

Of course, Apple itself is going on a World Tour and is revving up the iPhone Developer University Program.

Seriously. Has there ever been a better time to develop for the iPhone?