I generally prefer product ads that focus on the product. Apple's recent Midnight spot for iPhone 7 and Go Time spot for Watch are terrific examples of that. I especially prefer ads where it doesn't take until the very end to see what they're about. So, by all rights, I shouldn't like Apple's new MacBook Pro spot, Bulbs, any more than I did their recent iOS spot, Balloons. But I do. I like it quite a lot.

I think what works for me here is the fun factor. The popping lightbulbs set to that classic score is delightful and, when it becomes clear we're being taken on a journey through the history of human technological achievement, it's beyond delightful.

I can't tell if that's a Lisa or a Mac in the sequence — shame on me! — but the choice of an iPhone 4s to represent that milestone, as opposed to the original, is super interesting. The glass-wrapped steel design is absolutely iconic, though, isn't it?

The bulbs bursting seem to echo the explosive, brief nature of ideas over time, and lead, of course, to the new MacBook Pro.

I hope Apple juxtaposes it with ads showing off features like Touch Bar and Touch ID, but I'm surprised to find I like this as a starting point. It almost challenges you to pick up a Pro and become that next bulb.

Let me know what you think of it in the comments below!