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Last month, Apple finally concluded the class-action lawsuit surrounding the iPhone 4's reception issues, and today those affected can now start the process of cashing in. A simple, dedicated website outlines qualification criteria, provides claim forms, and answers a variety of FAQs.

Basically, if you ever owned an iPhone 4 and you live in the U.S., and you weren't interested in the free bumper Apple was offering, you can get $15 instead -- even if you aren't still using an iPhone 4. When can you get the cash? Well, there's going to be a hearing on July 13 to approve this settlement, which may see appeals which could last over a year. At that rate, I would just take the free bumper, as detailed in Apple's support knowledgebase.

The antennagate debacle was caused by a flaw in the iPhone 4's external antenna design; basically, when you bridged two sections of it when holding the phone in a fairly natural way while in a low-coverage zone, your signal would drop like a rock. While the issue caused a lot of bad press, the actual instances and real inconveniences of the phenomenon were sparse, and didn't put a dent in iPhone 4 sales. Still, that didn't stop Consumer Reports from withholding their recommendation of the phone, despite it being the best thing on the smartphone market at the time.

Any iPhone 4 owners in the house that were affected by antennagate and didn't bother getting the free bumper? Here's the link you need to visit, below.

Source: iPhone 4 settlement via CNET