BusyCal 2 for Mac updated with support for Exchange

BusyCal 2 for Mac was recently updated to version 2.5 and brings with it one of the most demanded features, support for Microsoft Exchange. If you're already using BusyCal 2.0 or later, the update is free.

According to the BusyCal blog, Exchange support includes the following options and features:

  • Calendar Sharing — Each calendar can be shared with multiple users, each with different access privileges (free/busy, read-only, read/write, delegate, etc.).
  • Public Calendars — Company-wide public calendars can be subscribed to in BusyCal.
  • Free/Busy - Meeting organizers can view attendee availability when scheduling meetings.
  • Push — Changes are synced immediately between Exchange and BusyCal via Push.
  • Tasks — Tasks can be synced with Exchange and shared with other BusyCal users. Repeating Tasks are supported, either on a fixed interval (e.g. every week on Monday), or dynamically regenerated based on the completion date of the previous Task (e.g. one week after completion).
  • Categories — Categories in Outlook are mapped to tags in BusyCal.
  • Notifications — Notifications can be displayed when changes are made on shared calendars.

Alongside the above support for Exchange users, BusyCal 2.5 also adds a new availability panel for Exchange and CalDAV users for scheduling meetings as well as todo regeneration for recurring items.

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