Yes, you read the title correctly. In a move that nobody expected, you can now purchase an iPhone 3G from AT&T's web site, have it delivered to you, and activate it in the comfort of your own home. This home delivery service is now being offered to both existing customers adding a line and new customers.

If you purchase within the next 8 days you are promised to have your new iPhone the next day with free overnight shipping. AT&T also notes that shoppers have 8 days left in order to have it delivered before the Christmas holiday.

Shockingly, this option is not available on Apple's website as of today. If you still want to purchase a iPhone 3G at a Apple store you have to hop in your car and drive yourself to the local store. (Although, there is this feeling like Apple will follow AT&T's lead sometime in the near future.)

So what do you readers think? Isn't this the way it should have been since July 11th?

Important note: You cannot purchase iPhone 3G's as gifts for the simple reason that you need to be the actual account holder. If you are not the account holder and want to purchase a gift your only option is the iPhone 3G Gift Card.

[Via Apple Insider]