Best Buy is currently running an online survey asking for its customers views on a potential Apple HDTV. The survey suggests that the Apple iTV television could be available as a 42” 1080p LED Flat Panel set that will run iOS applications, stream movies and deliver other entertainment programs from the internet. The cost could be as much as $1499.00.

Apple finally reinvents what a TV can do," saying that it'll run iOS, support iCloud, be controllable from an iPhone or iPad, and have access to Netflix, YouTube, and Flickr — in other words, it's an Apple TV wrapped in an actual television set, exactly as you'd expect.

We are reasonably sure that Best Buy is just trying to find out if there would be a demand for this type of TV set, rather than potentially leaking any new Apple products. Especially when the same survey also goes on to suggest that the Apple HDTV would include an iSight camera all ready for Skype. If this was a signal of Apple’s intent, that camera would surely be ready for FaceTime. It is a bit of a strange move for a big box chain to carry out market research for a product that is currently only at rumor stage.

Source: The Verge