Buzz Contacts offers quick access to your contacts that matter most

App Savvy, the makers of the popular calendar app, Agenda, have released a new, just as productive app for contacts -- Buzz Contacts. This app offers a way to quickly access your contacts that are most important.

To use Buzz Contacts, you must first create groups of contacts that you frequently need access to, like family and coworkers. In each group, you then add buttons to quickly call, message, email, or FaceTime your contacts. Each communication method gets its own button so that when it's time to perform an action, it's very fast.

There is nothing elaborate about Buzz Contacts, but this is precisely what makes it so desirable. Each page only consists of four contacts displayed as a 4x4 grid with the first name in large text and a symbol that represents voice, text, email, or FaceTime. Tapping a contact will instantly perform the desired action, but confirms before placing phone or FaceTime calls.

Using one app for your favorite, frequently used contacts and one for everyone else can get annoying and confusing, so Buzz Contacts has also included a full list of all your contacts and a dialer so that you can stop using Apple's native Contacts app if you wish. In fact, Buzz Contacts' dialer is better than Apple's, because once you start entering a number, it will pop up contacts that match what you've entered so far.

The clean, simply UI of Buzz Contacts has won me over and I've already replaced Apple's native Phone app with Buzz Contacts on my dock.

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