Calculator widgets to make an App Store comeback!

Yesterday PCalc developer James Thomson was told that he'd have to remove the calculator widget from his iOS app. There as some concern, apparently, that calculators were too heavy for the Today view extension system. Today, iMore has heard from Apple that the situation has been re-evaluated and that calculators as Today view widgets are now fully approved.

I speculated last night that calculators as widgets might not have been something Apple expected, and that the situation might have resulted in a lot of discussion within the company. If that was indeed the case, then it's equally likely that the discussion got escalated, and was ultimately decided in favor of the widgets.

This isn't the first time an app has been approved only to be un-approved in whole or in part, only to once again have that decision reversed. It's part of the nature of the App Store system, where unexpected or edge cases come up, and some sort of determination needs to be made.

For most customers, this process will have been utterly transparent. PCalc and its widget never left the store and never stopped working. or Thomson, the App Store team, and customers who follow these things in the media, it will have been beyond stressful.

It's great for PCalc users, and calculator widget users in general, however, that it turned out this way.

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