CalypsoTag your luggage, find out where it is with your iPhone

Sick of that scrum that always forms around the luggage carousel at the airport? Just stand back and wait for your luggage to come to you with CalypsoCrystal's new CalypsoTag.

CalypsoTag, is a $99 designer luggage tag embedded with a Bluetooth Low Energy chip. Download a free app for your phone, and Calypso says you'll get pinged when the luggage is within about 200 feet (or 60 meters) - just walk up to the luggage carousel belt and grab your gear. The battery lasts for up to six months, according to the manufacturer, and is replaceable.

CalypsoTag comes in four different designer colors to accent your luggage and give it something to stand out from the crowd.

CalypsoTag software is available for iPhones 4 or later running iOS 6.1.3 or higher, and also works with the Samsung Galaxy S4 for your poor unfortunates stuck with Android.