Cameo for iPhone is a new way to create, edit, and share video projects complete with professional looking effects. You can also collaborate with your friends that are using Cameo in real time to create group projects.

To start using Cameo you can either start recording video or import clips from your existing Camera Roll. Clips in Cameo are limited to six seconds to ensure you get a good mix of footage and can hold the viewer's attention. You can move clips around and order them however you'd like. Cameo also comes standard with free fonts and effects that you can add to your videos.

When it comes time to share your video, you can easily download 720p HD video to your iPhone and share it wherever you like. Alternatively, you can also share directly from Cameo to Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr. 720p HD video embeds are also supported for most blogs and websites. Since Cameo stores your videos in the cloud, they won't eat up space on your actual iPhone unless you choose to download them.

Let's not forget that Cameo is also a community. You can follow your friends, comment on their creations, and collaborate with them live. This is the most unique feature of Cameo and in my opinion, what really makes it stand out from other options. When it comes to creating videos, everyone involved has a different perspective on things and can grab footage that maybe you missed.

Cameo makes sure that no matter who captured a particular moment, you can easily bring them all together in one place.

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