Smugmug, the professional digital photo sharing website, has released a powerful new camera and photo editing app for iPhone called Awesome Camera that literally "awesomizes" your photos.

Smugmug defines "awesomize" as being able "to trick your friends into thinking you're a famous photographer", and although I wouldn't go quite that far, Awesome Photo's awesomize feature does a great job of improving the look of your photos.

In addition to the awesomize filter, Awesome Camera is also filled with presets and filters (most of which need to be download as an in-app purchase). But photo editing is not the only thing the Camera Awesome does great. While taking a photo, Camera awesome will let you separate the focus and exposure of your shots, but the awesomeness doesn't stop there.

How many times have you missed a scene because you started your video recording just a few seconds too late? Camera Awesome has camera mode that records video 5 seconds before you even hit the button! Now you can stop recording an unnecessary amount of video and not hit record until the desired action starts happening -- Camera Awesome lets you travel back in time!

Lastly, and just as awesome, Camera Awesome is available for free!

Free - Download Now

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