Camera+ is no longer in the iTunes App Store following a bizarre week that rejection, revelation, feature requests, and possible take down.

Here's the short version -- Camera+ pushed out an update that would let users take photos via the hardware volume buttons. Apple rejected the update because it does not currently allow that functionality. Camera+ developers TapTapTap posted about the rejection and said they'd filed a feature request with Apple to change the policy and allow volume buttons to be re-assigned. They also let slip on twitter that a little easter egg would allow the volume buttons to be re-assigned in the current version of TapTapTap. Then they deleted the tweet, but the internet had already picked it up and propagated it.

Apple has a policy on easter eggs. If they're disclosed and innocuous they're fine. If they're undisclosed and used as a way to circumvent the review process and App Store policies, they'll get you removed. Basically, if the feature wouldn't get approved out in the open, don't try to sneak it in as an easter egg.

So now either Apple has pulled Camera+ or TapTapTap has taken it down themselves to proactively remove the easter egg. We'll likely have to wait until they let us know.

And that's where I start to wonder if it's really a story, or media manipulation as marketing? They've already made a reported $500,000 in sales, and this little round of publicity -- should they get back into the App Store -- won't hurt. Except, of course, when the press starts to feel played, it will eventually backfire.

Maybe that's the real easter egg?

[9to5Mac, thanks maj0!]