Camera+, one of the most popular photography apps on the iPhone, has been update to version 6.0. It's iOS 8-only now, meaning it won't work with prior versions of iOS, but it does add manual camera controls and photo extensions, two of the most anticipated new features, and better macro photography as well.

So exactly what controls did we add that utilize these magical, mystical wheels? You're now able to manually adjust focus and exposure to get exactly the shot you desire.

Manual focus is very straightforward… easily go from the closest of closeup to the widest of wide angle with a simple flick of the focus wheel.

Manual exposure gives you a much wider range of options. With the Exposure Compensation wheel, you're able to lighten or darken your shot with the simplest and most intuitive level of control. And for those of you who are familiar with more advanced camera controls, we provide you with a full range of adjustable shutter speed and ISO controls, including a "Shutter Priority" mode where you pick the shutter speed and ISO is automatically set for you to get the perfect exposure.

Have you grabbed the update? What do you think of the extensibility and flexibility that Camera+ 6 brings to the iPhone's camera?

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