Absent any actual federal action to glom onto, Canadian media decided to get in on the Apple iBook price-fixing headline game in a more creative, almost desperate way.

Like antitrust lawsuits launched by the Department of Justice in the U.S. and the European Union, the Quebec suit claims that Apple colluded with book publishers to artificially set electronic book prices higher than the $9.99 standard Amazon had set for most of its electronic books.

How is a U.S. government investigation anything like a local class-action lawsuit that doesn't even seem to have been granted class-action status yet? The former is a big deal. The latter is absolutely nothing. I'm pretty sure if we look hard enough we'll find dozens if not hundreds of dozens of people hoping to sue Apple for all sorts of reasons -- "I was psychologically damaged for life! I mean... the logo has a bite out of it! A BITE!"

If my home and native land decided to go after Apple the way the U.S. Department of Justice did, I could see the parallel. But one lawyer, in one province, who doesn't even have one lawsuit underway yet...? Not a story.

Call me when the Mounties are riding on Cupertino.

Now excuse me while I go pay almost $1.50 a liter for gas so I can get the movie theater and drop $12 for a ticket. (If only Apple were behind those prices, maybe they could get some attention...)

Source: The Montreal Gazette