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There's many apps out there that let you track your human child's development, but what about your four-legged kid? Enter Caniner Doggy Diary for iPhone. Caniner allows you to not only store important dates and phone numbers for your dog, but also track development, activity, and memories you never want to forget -- all in a beautiful timeline view.

This timeline view is what initially drew me to Caniner Doggy Diary because it makes it more than just a database of information; it's a cross between a journal, blog, and social network (without the networking). When my dogs are gone, I'll be able to come back to Canine Doggy Diary and scroll through photos and remember activities I enjoyed with them.

Caniner Doggy Diary has support for multiple dogs. You'll find the profile picture for each dog at the top of the screen in a little circle. This is where you switch between viewing the timeline for individual dogs or for all of them at once.

The toolbar allows you to sort the timeline by play, eat, walk, health, favorites, and all. Adding a photo or activity is a simple as tapping the plus sign and tapping an existing entry in the timeline will allow you to edit it. When creating future events, you can also select to have them added to your iPhone calendar. To see them on your timeline, just pull down on the timeline to scroll up.

If you sign up for a free account, Caniner Doggy Diary will automatically keep your information synced with the cloud so that you never lose your journal. This also allows for multiple members of your family to install Caniner and contribute to your dog's diary.

If your dogs are not just pets, but members of your family, Caniner Doggy Diary is a must-have.

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