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I spend a healthy portion of my time at Macworld doing the following:

  1. Thinking about Google's fixation on the iPhone and
  2. Looking for a really good iPhone dock / Alarm clock.

...Keeping the iPhone in a dock by your bed seems like a no-brainer - charges it up, lets you play a song from your library to wake you up, maybe even lets you catch a quick movie before you fall asleep. Right? Apparently it does all of those things except the last part - the falling asleep part:

A study in Sweden and the United States finds that using a cell phone just before bedtime interferes with sleep patterns. - study

The deal is that the radiation from cell phone radios gets into your head and prevents you from getting into a deep sleep pattern. If it ain't deep sleep, it don't count. So maybe leaving that dock on the desk, next to your computer, and far from your sensitive squishy brain is the right idea after all.