Capo 3 music transcription software adds auto chord and beat detection, more

Supermegaultragroovy has announced the release of Capo 3, a new version of their transcription software for the Mac to help musicians learn songs in their iTunes library.

Capo enables you to change the speed and pitch of music in your iTunes library, so you can change the keys of songs or listen to musical phrases like guitar licks more slowly, to figure out which chords the player used. A built-in spectrograph will let you see how the guitarist is actually bending, sliding and using vibrato, while tabs are generated automatically to help you remember what you've just learned.

New to the 3.0 release is fully automatic chord detection. A chord box shows you how to play the detected chords, and offers alternative selections. A beat detection engine has been built in that gives a bar/beat display and a metronome countoff for practice. And multiple regions can now be named and "snapped" to the beat to loop in time with the recording.

A free trial is available from the Capo 3 web site.

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