Capo for Mac picks up a refreshed look, a new metronome, and a little guitar

Capo, the renowned app for Mac that helps you learn your favorite songs, has received an update with several important enhancements. These updates include an interface more in line with OS X Yosemite, a new metronome, and more.

In Capo 3.3, you'll find that the piano sample used to play back the app's dedicated beats and chords has been replaced with a new acoustic guitar sample,

Here are the most important enhancements in this release.

  • General UI Improvements! We've flattened up the UI for Yosemite while still retaining some visual compatibility with Mavericks
  • New "Drag Song Here" window with a nifty loading animation
  • We gutted and overhauled the 'Welcome Window' and removed the in-app video playback
  • Restored the ability to display the current time in the Heads-Up Display. Click on the current time in the display to switch between bars/beats and time
  • Related to the above, you can also "Go to" a specific time by choosing Command > Go To Time… from the main menu. This command is mapped to Command-Shift-G unless something else is already bound to that keystroke
  • Improved the metronome sounds using the same samples that were created for iOS. They're now louder and clearer than what we had before
  • Changed the piano feedback sound to an acoustic guitar to better match the feedback heard in the iOS version of Capo
  • Capo now shows the status of the Music Information Retrieval process in the Heads-Up Display area, so you can see the progress of the waveform, spectrogram, chord detection, etc. processes
  • Capo now (finally) reveals its project folder in iCloud Drive
  • You may now restore the default key bindings in the Edit Commands window

Capo 3.3 also fixes a number of bugs, including some crashes caused by invalid audio files. You can download the update for Capo for Mac from the Mac App Store right now