Carcassonne, a port of the popular German boardgame, has had a few additions to it since its initial release and it's time now for yet another expansion. This time around fans of the game have the ability, through in an in-app purchase to download 'The Phantom'.

It's a new game piece that is ghostly-transparent and can be played in addition to a regular one during a players turn. Aside from letting you place it in addition to another piece, the Phantom works exactly like a normal follower but it's both a good thing to have and possibly a bad thing to have, depending on how you play the piece.

If you're looking to purchase The Phantom, it can be had for only $.99 and is available now through the app. If you're looking to learn how to make better use of The Phantom in your game, check out the strategy guide that was written up for the new piece.

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