Investor Carl Icahn has published a new open letter to Apple CEO Tim Cook, in which he outlines his expectations for Apple's performance and future plans. In praising Cook and Apple's leadership for the company's continued growth, Icahn points to some new markets which he expects Apple to enter.

Icahn fully expects Apple to debut a 55-inch to 65-inch HD television at some point next year. He also thinks an autonomous electric car from Apple wold be a compelling product, according to the letter:

While Apple currently addresses this market with CarPlay, it seems logical that Apple would view the car itself as a the ultimate mobile device to which it could bring its peerless track record of marrying superior industrial design with software and services, along with its globally admired brand, and offer consumers an overall automobile experience that not only changes the world but also adds a robust vertical to the Apple ecosystem.

Icahn also made some other key predictions for Apple's growth. He expects the iPhone to grow modestly over the next couple of years, while the iPad should get a boost with the introduction of the rumored iPad Pro. Icahn also expects the newly-released Apple Watch to sell 10 million units over the course of Apple's 2015 fiscal year.

Icahn published a similar letter late last year.

You can read Icahn's full letter at the link below.

Source: Shareholder's Square Table