It looks like Apple's CarPlay may be helping to close sales for GM dealerships, according to a new report. As The Wall Street Journal reports, GM is by far leading the way in adopting CarPlay, with 27 of the manufacturers models offering the in-dash system as of this fall. And some local dealers are seeing the benefits of this adoption, according to the report:

"We've had people coming in because they've heard about it, and once they see it, they really do like it because it mirrors the look and feel of the devices they use," said Chris Hemmersmeier, chief executive of a chain of Jerry Seiner Dealerships in Salt Lake City, Utah. "It's helping to close the deal once they see it."

The report goes on to note that GM confirms it has some anecdotal evidence that CarPlay has helped drive sales, indicating that, for at least some people, CarPlay is an attractive feature. Although all major brands are on board to support CarPlay, it has seen relatively slow adoption thus far, which could explain the added interest seen by GM.

Source: The Wall Street Journal