CARROT Fit can now insult you into weight loss with HealthKit's help

CARROT Fit has hit version 3, adding support for iOS 8 and HealthKit. Version 3 also brings proper iPad support, a step counter, and more.

HealthKit integration is the highlight of this update. CARROT Fit can now sync your weight and workout data with the Health app in iOS 8. It can also draw in data from other apps, meaning the CARROT Fit can berate you about your performance no matter what app you're using. The app also now features a step counter, and as you level up, you can unlock and step count on the icon badge and more.

CARROT Fit has another new feature called Punishments. If you slack off and miss you're goals, you'll make CARROT angry as usual, but now, it will show you ads, calorie-shaming alerts for food when you enter a HealthKit-enabled calorie-counting app, and more. You can, of course, disable Punishments in the app's settings.

There are other important new features as well. CARROT is now at home on the iPad, with the interface properly scaling to fit that screen. Additionally, you can now sync your workout data through Dropbox, though iCloud sync has been disabled. There are of course the requiset bug fixes and improvement that come with every app update.

You can download CARROT Fit for the iPhone and iPad from the App Store right now.

Update: It appears that CARROT Fit has been removed from the App Store, along with several other HealthKit-enabled apps. We'll keep you posted as we learn more.

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