Carrot Fit now integrates with Apple's Health app in iOS 8

Carrot Fit is one of the latest fitness trackers that integrates with iOS 8.0.2 and Apple's HealthKit. Carrot is an unorthodox fitness coach that has its own humor-injected artificial intelligence that tries to motivate you with hilarious phrases to help you achieve your own fitness goals. Through inspiration, threats, ridicule, and bribery, nothing appears to be off limits as Carrot tries to get you more active.

Thanks to Apple's HealthKit, the app works in the background even when it's not actively opened and information is synchronized with Apple's Health app on iOS 8.0.2.

The sarcastic A.I. construct CARROT will now be able to track fitness activities performed throughout the day - even when you're not actively using her. She'll give amusing feedback when you step on a wifi scale with a HealthKit-compatible app, and threaten you with total annihilation if you're lagging behind on your daily step goal.

In addition to monitoring your health goals, Carrot will also get you to get active.

Each exercise is fully narrated by CARROT, drawing from a huge pool of training tips, mini stories, and pop culture references, so you'll never hear the same dialogue repeated over and over.

What do you think of Carrot's more facetious humor combined with the HealthKit integration?

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