Weather features what the developer calls "eerily accurate" forecasts and weather readouts. You can get your current weather, as well as forecasts for the next hour, rest of the day, and for the next three days from the hovering platform at the bottom of the screen. Swipe up to get a more detailed look at your current weather, as well as a seven-day forecast. That contains data points like wind speed, humidity, and barometric pressure.

The personality of the app shines through in the "weather scenes." You'll find scenes above your forecast, and you'll get one of several scenes based on the current weather. For instance, you might see someone encased in a block of ice if it's cold, or a person looking through a telescope on a clear night.

There are a number of secret joke locations as well. They don't really mean anything, but are fun to find. You'll unlock them by look at the weather for certain real locations, like Cupertino, California. Secret locations include Mount Doom, the Moon, and even Apple's R&D Labs.

CARROT Weather is a universal app for iPhone and iPad, and available now on the App Store.

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