CARROT Weather hits the Mac alongside major iPhone and iPad app update

CARROT Weather, the weather app with a personality, has come to the Mac. Simultaneously, CARROT Weather for iPhone and iPad has hit version 2.0, adding new features and enhancements that make both apps a formidable weather team.

Just like on the iPhone and iPad, CARROT Weather for Mac will show you your current weather, as well as short-term, hourly, and daily forecasts. It will show you different animations depending on your weather, and come at you with sarcastic replies. Features unique to the Mac app include an expandable app window, naturally, as well as a mini-window up in your Mac's menu bar.

Both the mobile and desktop apps have added some useful new capabilities. First is Time Machine, which lets you go back up to 70 years to see past weather, or forward 10 years. But most useful is notification forwarding. CARROT Weather for Mac can forward its weather alerts to the iPhone and iPad app, as long as you keep your Mac on and the app open.

You can find CARROT Weather on the Mac App Store for 25% off it normal price to celebrate its launched. CARROT Weather for iPhone and iPad is also available on the App Store now.