CASE:Lynk iPhone case with integrated charge and sync cable hits KickstarterThe CASE:Lynk has just arrived on Kickstarter and it is basically a case for your iPhone 4 or iPhone 4S with the added feature of an integrated sync and charge cable. The CASE:Lynk has been designed for moments when your iPhone is woefully short of battery power and you get the opportunity to plug it in then realize you don’t have a cable with you. With the CASE:Lynk you will never have that problem again.

Cases have gone through many transformations and innovations, but we think we've stumbled upon one that’s both functional while still retaining an elegant minimalist aesthetic. Apple is known for creating products that are simple, beautiful, and highly functional. We want to continue that approach with CASE:Lynk!

You might think the integrated charging cord built into the back of CASE:Lynk would cause it to be a bulky case. This was one of our major concerns, as well, when designing the product. In order to slim it down, we developed a custom USB connector without the jacket. This allows us to reduce the thickness of the back of our case to only 2.3mm. It is 1mm thick everywhere else, so you get a complete charging and syncing solution without adding bulk to your pocket. These innovations make CASE:Lynk the slimmest charging cord on the market.

The designer already has plans to release a version that will be compatible with the iPhone 5 and its rumored 9 pin dock connector. The CASE:Lynk is certainly a smart way to ensure you always have a sync and charge cable with you whenever you have your iPhone. If you like the idea of the CASE:Lynk, you can become an early adopter with a pledge of $35 which will secure one case complete with sync cable should they make it into production. The CASE:Lynk currently has a couple of pledges amounting to $75 and still has a long way to go before it reaches it funding goal of $125,000; it still has 34 days to go.

What do you think of the CASE:Lynk? Do you think it is a good solution for charging on the go?

Source: Kickstarter