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The Bold. The Storm. The Thunder. One iClonic product after another. How does Blackberry do it? Mole in Apple guru Jonathan Ive's ultra-secure design studio? Unlikely. Telephoto lens from Waterloo? Impractical. So, what is the secret to all of RIM's post-iPhone Blackberry's looking (and soon-to-be-functioning?) so much like Apple's little pocket universe-dent'er? According to RIM CEO, and noted internet deadpan funnyman, Mike Lazaridis, it's a simple combination of technology right out of Apple's (and this blog's!) back yard:

[W]e have a time machine somewhere, or some kind of magic crystal ball or something.

Apple Time Machine + TiPB Crystal Ball = Blackberry Bold?

To be fair, Lazaridis's full context was that the Blackberry Bold DIDN'T copy Apple, but had been independently designed 3.5 years ago by RIM, and any similarities (such as the glossy black facade and chrome trim) to Apple's iPhone were purely coincidental.

Of course, Apple has a long history of design, including the use of just these types of form factors and materials, leading up to, including, and past the iPhone (hello, iMac!), whereas RIM has... none. Nada. Zip. Zilch. So while it's possible the Bold just happened to be independently conceived of prior to the iPhone going public (yet released nearly a full year after...), how likely is it?

Frankly, with the way Lazaridis seems to lust after talk about it, the iPhone very well could be RIM's "precious". And given the nearly obsessive amount of (disjointed and reactionary) response RIM's displayed post-iPhone, my guess is "not very."

What do you think?

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