AT&T CEO Ralph de la Vega stated that his carrier's exclusive agreement to sell Apple's iPhone in the US... will end one day. Of course, we knew this. You knew this. AT&T and Apple knew this. Everybody knew this, because they've said it before. Still, on the eve of a highly successful quarterly results report, where the iPhone once again carrier the day for AT&T earnings, they obviously felt the need to say it again:

“We have a legacy of having a great portfolio…that will continue after the iPhone is no longer exclusive to us. We think we will continue after the iPhone…to drive [results]….” [...] “we feel really good about our non-iPhone [subscriber] adds and net adds…. We feel really strong about our portfolio in quick messaging devices, including BlackBerry and all the smartphones.” [...] “Even if we lose exclusivity [of the iPhone], we will be the only carrier with HSPA 7.2 [a network specification being deployed at AT&T] and [new devices] will work on our network faster. I feel as strongly as ever [about] the capability of devices in our lineup and [am] super-excited about the deals with e-readers and personal navigation devices."

Apparently, like Verizon, AT&T will seek post-iPhone solace in much more carrier-control friendly Android...