We have to wonder if Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer has some insidious plot to make his PR people pull their hair out, so they'll look just as Fester'ian as he himself. Or maybe he's just jealous of the love TiPb's been giving Palm's Roger McNamee lately? How else can you account for the glorious (for bloggers!) content he keeps spewing in our general direction?

What now? From the man who once said the iPhone would be the most expensive phone on the planet (guess he didn't see the Windows Mobile Xperia X1a going for $800...), now comes the following, courtesy of WMExperts:

"Windows Mobile 6.5 has touch on it. The way Apple does touch drives cost. [The] way they do it on the iPhone is not an inexpensive component. We’ll do it in a way that you can afford to do it on most phones."

Bu-bu-bu-but...! We thought WinPho was all about choice? Shouldn't manufacturers like HTC, who've made capacitive touch screen devices like the Android G1 (which is hardly that expensive!) have the choice to offer WinPho devices with capacitive touch?

So not only does Ballmer try to spin Microsoft's abject failure to deliver on capacitive touch 2 years after Apple (and months after Android and even BlackBerry) as a cost saving feature, but for extra bonus bluster, claims Apple is "driving cost" on the $199 iPhone?

Next time, stick to dancing...