iPhone BSOD + Laughing Ballmer

As Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer was taking the stage for a private company meeting at Seattle's Safeco Field, he saw an employee about to snap his picture with... an iPhone. So, Ballmer decided to snap instead. TechFlash (via Engadget) reports he grabbed the iPhone from the hapless employee, began making "funny comments", put the iPhone on the floor and pretended to stamp on it, and then continued on, only to remind the employee he hadn't forgotten about him later.

Maybe Ballmer should just forbid iPhones at Microsoft the way Bill Gates forbids them at home? Or, you know, get Windows Mobile back in order and make a phone so good no one at Microsoft would want to use anything else?

Of course, if it had been an Apple event, and Steve Jobs had caught one of his employees rocking an Windows Mobile device, no doubt Jobs eyes would have glowed and Omega Beams would have shot out and fried the poor soul on the spot.

(Yeah, we know Apple Store employees all use Windows CE credit card processors, shhhh!).