TiPb. Heart. Steve. Ballmer. Microsoft's #2 has really become #1 in our CEOh-Snap department. See, he doesn't just hit the mic, he pummels it to bloody, infuriating, borderline committable pulp. This time, however, D|All Things Digital brings us a little CEOh-Snap back in the form of Ballmer being on the receiving end for once, via an unhappy questioner at the CIO Summit:

"With platforms like the Google phone and iPhone coming out, it’s really tough to continue to stand behind Windows Mobile when our employees are bringing these consumer devices into our environments,” the questioner explained. “And in your presentation you put Windows Mobile right in the center there, but it was a phone that doesn’t work in America and an operating system that you haven’t released. I’m wondering what your commitment is to continuing to get newer versions of the operating system in our hands so that we don’t have to fight this battle on the ground.”

Ballmer's come back? WinPho 6.5 this year is significant but not everything they want for higher-end phones; that'll come next year(!) with WinPho 7. Microsoft is accelerating their efforts, and people still bought more Windows Mobile devices than iPhone last year anyway, so: nyah!

(Though we'd remind Mr. Ballmer that Apple's international roll-out really only began in July 2008, more than half-way through the year, and he's welcome to check the sales numbers for Q3 2008 to see how that worked out for everyone...)