The iPhone has made it's first big, official splash at CES 2010, courtesy of the iLounge Pavilion, set up by the fine folks at iLounge. I've only spent half a day walking around so far, but you can't throw an iPhone without hitting a major player at a big booth showing off some amazing new iPhone accessories.

Here's a quick rundown of what I've seen so far:

  • Etymotic, well known for their high-end in-ear headsets has incorporated the 3-button iPhone/iPod-style controller onto their cables giving you full volume, pause/play, etc. They're also offering an entry-level model without the same system, but with excellent sound quality.
  • HyperMac is offering a new external batteries with USB-out for iPhone.
  • ExtremeMac is doing a range of charging as well, lots of options.
  • Seidio is bringing the vibrant colored case love.
  • Case-mate is offering a design-it-yourself option for cases, also a no-squirt-liquid-required body skin, and Hug, a non-proprietary inductive charging solution where you can buy their case and pad, or from another member of the consortium so you can mix and match. Nissan cup holders will also support it!
  • Gelaskins is bringing in National Geographic and Marvel Comics licenses.
  • Music skins is bringing Beatles licenses.
  • Otterbox is offering lighter, but still armor-like solutions for those who want a little more convenience.
  • Incipio is going with multiple materials and bold designs.

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