CrackBerry Kevin and Cali Lewis of GeekBeat are live at CES 2014 and had a chance to talk to BlackBerry about BBM 2.0. Along with talking about where BlackBerry Messenger is going, Alex Kinsella also gives us a quick demo of some of the new features the update brings...

One of the most notable new features of BlackBerry Messenger 2.0 is Quickshare which lets you share pretty much any kind of file you'd want to a BBM contact including Dropbox files, contact cards, location information, and more. Quickshare also integrates directly with Glympse.

Alex also talks about Channels, a new feature of BlackBerry Messenger that lets you engage with content in real time. Currently Channels is only available for the BlackBerry platform and not yet for iOS or Android. Make sure you check out the entire video for even more info on BBM 2.0 and the features it includes.

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