Phil and Cali sat down with MyCaseBuilder at CES 2014 who specializes in building custom cases for your gear. You can pick between many different types of cases and then choose what foam cutouts you want, complete with 3D previews.

Since MyCaseBuilder is customized to your specific needs, they guarantee a perfect fit for all your gear. MyCaseBuilder uses a water cut method in order to cut the foam to size. The foam is high quality and harder than standard foam to guarantee your gear doesn't move around in the case.

Case types include aluminum, injection molded, economy, blow molded, and more. Want a case that carriers your camera, lenses, iPad, and more? Just choose those shapes from MyCaseBuilder and you're good to go with a home for all your gear. You can even purchase just the custom cut foam from MyCaseBuilder if you'd like.

All cases from MyCaseBuilder are available now. Pricing varies based on the type of case you choose. Check them out now via the link below!