Daniel and Cali are talking with Fitbit live at CES 2014 about their fitness trackers, the Fitbit Force and Fitbit Flex. Both trackers can monitor your daily activities, sleep patterns, and more. The Fitbit Force also doubles as a pretty decent watch.

The Fitbit range of products are well integrated with many apps and other accessories such as scales. The Fitbit Force and Flex both pair with the Fitbit app for both iOS and Android so you never have to plug in either in order to sync your stats, no matter wherever you are. The Flex allows you to set goals and do most of what the Force does, but without the display. The Force is geared towards those that want exact counts with a display at all times.

Both are available now via the links below. Check out the entire video for more information on Fitbit as well as a look at what other products they integrate with.



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