Cali and Kevin got the chance to sit down with Philip Nelson from NewTek to discuss in a little more detail how NewTek is able to do what they do. While it isn't directly related to mobile devices in any way, the technology from NewTek is what helped us provide CESlive this year, and helps many people around the world. Back in the day when you wanted to broadcast something you would have to have a full sized truck outside with tons of equipment inside, and this was far from ideal.

Thanks to NewTek you can now have all of that inside with you, in a package that is nice and portable. The fine folks at GeekBeat use NewTek set ups to deliver content to everyone and they have found it to be the best in class. Be sure to check out the full interview above and see for yourself what NewTek has going on. Also, you'll get to see Kevin riding a mechanical bull. That alone is worth the view.

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