Sensor Jacket, a new product that was developed by Dr. Jacob Fraden, is essentially a case for your smartphone that not only provides protection but can use additional sensors and augmented reality in order to provide lots of new functionality and capabilities. Want to know if your breath is bad before going on a date? There's a Sensor Jacket for that!

If you're wondering what Sensor Jacket can bring to the table, some of the features it boasts are the ability to measure surface temperature, analyze your breath, and more. Sensor Jacket is currently working on many different kinds of cases that can have different kinds of sensors inside them. For example, construction workers could have a Sensor Jacket that doubles as a stud finder or digital tape measure.

Sensor Jacket isn't currently available and still in development but expects to hit the market in less than a year's time in some forms. It pairs with the iPhone via Bluetooth but if you're using an Android device, the connection type is NFC. Even more interesting, NFC can harness energy from electrical currents to keep your sensors powered at all times. Check out the above video for even more info on Sensor Jacket.

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