Chain3D for iPhone and iPad is a new match 3 game with a twist -- literally! The goal of this puzzle game is to remove all the colored blocks from the cube presented at the beginning of each stage. To do this, you much place the small cubes that are given to you in a manner that matches at least 3 small cubes of the same cube. If there's a match, all the cubes of the same color that are connected to the cube that you placed will be removed. Once al the blocks are removed, you progress to the next stage. As with many games of this type, Chain3D is easy to learn, but difficult to master.

Chain3D includes 4 different modes: Easy, Normal, Hardcore, and Zen. What makes each mode icreasingly difficult is that you have less time to clear the cube before losing. In Easy, you have 90 seconds, Normal gives you 60 seconds, and Hardcore only allows 10 seconds to clear the cube. Zen mode doesn't have a time limit and just allows you to progress without the pressure of having a time constraint. Zen mode is a great way to learn strategies and techniques to improving your gameplay.

I've only played Chain3D for a short while, but I like it and find it to be a fun, challenging puzzle.

Match3D is currently on sale for the weekend for the whopping price of free! If you decide to give it a try, let us know what you think!

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