Do you remember that ChangeWave Survey back in March? It essentially 'discovered' that the Cell Phone customer satisfaction/popularity contest/war was a two-horse race between, you guessed it, Apple and RIM. Following up on their initial survey, this time ChangeWave tries to determine why their customers are so satisfied with their iPhones/Blackberries.

Alot of things on the 'Favorites List' are pretty predictable. E-Mail was an astounding 'Most Favorite' for Blackberry while the synergy of phone, iPod, and web browser was Number 1 for the iPhone. Taking a quick glance at the numbers, it seems that the iPhone's 'Favorite List' is more well-rounded compared to the Blackberry's. (Or maybe it just means Blackberry's e-mail is just that good. I'll let you guys decide.)

However, an interesting thing to note is that 27% of iPhone users determined that the Touch Screen Interface was actually their FAVORITE thing about the iPhone while 11% of Blackberry Users thought that the Blackberry keypad was their LEAST favorite thing. I understand comparing one iPhone to the entire lineup of Blackberry is like comparing apples to oranges (I'll spare you one cheesy pun), but it goes to prove that Apple has done a great job in effectively ridding the keyboard and is leading the way to phone different (sorry I couldn't help myself).

Oh, and the top 2 wishes for the iPhone? 3G Capability and Third Party Software. June can't come soon enough.