The big news this morning is the official introduction of Apple CarPlay, and its initial batch of partners. One of those, Volvo, will be demonstrating at this week's Geneva Motor Show in Switzerland. But, for those of us not able to attend, Volvo has put out a short promotional video showing off CarPlay integration in its next generation in-car systems that will begin with the all new XC90.

The interface is familiar, yet simplified, and integrates seamlessly with the cars touchscreen based control system. What's great to see is that – for Volvo drivers at least – CarPlay works alongside the standard control system, giving you easy access back to the cars own main controls. CarPlay doesn't take over, but more it looks like an additional layer on top of what you're already getting when you buy your shiny new car.

It also puts to bed any thoughts of being 'disadvantaged' with this system if you don't own an iPhone. Your car will work just fine without one. What do you think?