Sphero, the guys who are best known for their globular iOS-controlled toy, have announced at CES 2014 that they're expanding their lineup with a new two-wheel model, complete with Bluetooth low-energy connectivity and sensors to enable gaming and racing. Separate Bluetooth markers can set waypoints for a race, and the infrared sensors allow Sphero 2Bs to battle one another. Tinkerers will even be able to dive into the programming options for the Sphero 2B. We'll be seeing the Sphero 2B on store shelves in fall 2014 with a pricetag of $99 or less.

It was interesting to play around with this in the same room as Parrot's Jumping Sumo, but between the heavy angle towards gaming and the interchangeable wheel hub and treads, Sphero brings a few unique features to the table. Any takers?

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