Green is all the rage; not the color (I'm more of a blue guy myself), but instead the enviro-friendly type. There are few consumer goods more environmentally taxing than cars; considering how many are always on the road churning out smog, combined with fluctuating prices at the gas pump, it's little wonder that electric cars are getting all the attention these days. And it's not just hip new outfits like Tesla having all the fun; old American standards like Chevy are also seizing the chance to go green with EVs of their own. Last year I had the chance to test drive the Volt, Chevrolet's half-electric Plug-In Hybrid – and today, I finally got to take its sibling for a spin. The star of today's video is the Chevy Bolt EV, the vehicle that Chevrolet promises will "reinvent" the electric car.

My name is Michael Fisher, but my drag name is MrMobile (that's drag racing – sorry RuPaul fans). This video is a brief glimpse at the Chevy Bolt EV, filmed after about five hours driving the car in Boston. You'll learn what the Bolt EV is, what it offers, and what to expect ahead of my Chevy Bolt 2017 review coming later this year. In the meantime, there's plenty to feast your green eyes upon; hit that play button up top, and take a ride with me (cue Nelly).

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